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ess, many ■Chinese compani●es are not sat〓isfied with ■prior success and ●they

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hope to en

joy ●even greater ●success in the lon〓g-term future◆.Chinese sm○artphone manufact○urers are lookin○g ahead to ●adapt bet

ter sof●tware and hardware■ to be built into■ their smartphone d◆evices, as well a○s to provide■ deeper su〓pport for do○mestic companies ○to develop new ●chips, so they c●an stand at

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front to ■challenge thei〓r bigger glo●bal rivals, suc〓h as Qualco●mm and Intel.Huawei■ makes bold chip■ moveShe

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nzhen-base◆d Huawei Technolog◆ies, a telecom equ■ipment maker a○nd China's larges■t smartphone vendo●r by shipme

  • 60bn for ■2016. In compar
  • ●ison, Japan export〓ed h
  • i-tech goods○ valued at〓 US$105bn fo

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nts●, has demonstrated● support for "Mad〓e-in-China" chips b○y introducing● a h

omemade processo◆r, Kirin 950, inst■alled in it's flagsh◆ip device, Ma〓te 8 that was ○introduced t■o the market


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in 〓2015.HiSilicon Techn〓ologies Co. Ltd., a〓 chipmaking subsid〓iary of Huawei, prod○uces the Kirin 950 t◆hat bo

asts of ●faster proce◆ssing speed and〓 a power efficie●nt design.The◆ Kirin ser

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